Performance Reviews

-"Abla Lynn Hamza...proved dramatically engaged throughout, her gleaming top notes thrillingly cutting through ensembles." The Classical Review/ Lawrence A. Johnson

-"Abla Lynn Hamza gave a strong performance in a wide range of styles....Her coloratura outburst...brought down the house." Opera News/John Fleming

-"Abla Lynn Hamza and Caroline Worra excelled as Ophelia and Gertrude...." London Financial Times/George Loomis

-"Abla Lynn Hamza combined a gorgeous soprano with generous expressivity." Dallas Morning News/Scott Cantrell



Wedding Reveiws

-" I have had the good fortune of knowing Abla Lynn for quite some time and have attended several of her performances. She is a great, classically trained singer. However, her ability to emotionally connect and "move" you with her singing is priceless. While in NYC, I was especially fortunate to be able to hear her practice her operatic auditions acapella - wow! 

It was an easy decision for my wife and I to ask her to sing Ave Maria during our wedding. That was over a decade ago and the memory of her singing Ave Maria still moves me and my wife. Absolutely priceless." Tyler Davis, Austin, TX