Music and performing truly bring me joy, and I love inspiring the same creativity and passion in my students. With five years of experience, I have taught a variety of vocal styles including classical, musical theater, pop, and country. I have worked with students from ages 8 to 80, and I believe that anyone can learn to improve their singing by working on the fundamentals of breath control and vowel clarity. I have helped students to win Solo and Ensemble competitions, gain entrance to University Music Programs, and get roles in school and local musicals. But, I have also helped students with skills such as music theory and sight reading, basic piano, and acting fundamentals. 



Student Reviews


Abla was my very first voice teacher and I was blessed to start out lessons with someone as educated as her. She helped guide my voice, healthily. My experience with her is not what all voice students encounter. I heard horror stories of teachers not knowing what they are doing or who don't have an ear. Not the case with Abla. Her ability to hear the voice and teach is excellent. She also helped me get into the college of Music at UNT and I accredit much (performance guidance, appropriate repertoire,) of how I was accepted into the college of music to her as I only studied with her one year before college. Now, as a SAHM, I use my degree often. I appreciate all she did!- Leah M.



Abla Hamza